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Wednesday, March 10, 2010
2010. PaperMarket Interview ♥ 12:13 AM

Feel like updating again. Lmao.

Went interview today. As Usual, filled up applications form, asked qns etc
Then waiting for them to call in at coming Saturday.
Hais... Not really very sure whether i'll stick to this job for a long term not.
But i guess the job benefits are quite good too.
Wait till i really gotten the job before i provide info about it
Wish me luck ;D

MRT is and always freaking pack with lots of people.
is 2pm. & yet the whole train was filled with adults/students.
omg. & freaking hot too. (there's really no air-con in the train that i sat)
MRT is not MRT anymore -.-

As you can see. I used twitter quite often now :D
I think is a good way to know more overseas friendss,
and instantly chat with them despite they might be very very far away from me.
& this friend of mine from Indonesian know how to knit scarf.
I told her i wanted one, which i was just joking.
but never did i know that, she took it seriously & knitted for me a scarf.
Within a few days, i received a package from her (:

I'm really happy about it because is a handmade scarf (:
& she even knitted the scarf with the color i want.
& receiving from overseas friend, just seems many love.
Thanks gotami-chan ^^

Recently, A bigeast told me that she had sent a non-no mag to me (:
& i almost want to scream out!
Because the boys are simply GORGEOUS & AWESOME in it. lol.
you see
i seldom buy Jpn mags because the boys only appear a few pages in it.
so i always screen caps at other places.
I'm really happy to know that non-no mag is coming to my house right now XD
Okay, i shall be happily waiting ^^
Though i don't know when'll it be arrive & smoothly arriving to my house.

Really feel great to know many fans/friends in twitter.
Though they're far but we had many common topics to chat with too.
oh well, i also have many homestays chances if i decided to fly & visit them.

Jae had officially announced that he'll be acting in Jdorama.
Acting as a medical salesman but named "doctor" in twitter.
Heard he'll be secretively fall in love with Juri's character.
Well, tho this's a idol drama, but i hope there's no kissing scenes.
I think my heart can't take it.
Jae's lip is precious. Tho he kissed before han hyo joo in Hp. LOL
thanks Keiko-san believing that Jae Need&Must act in this drama.
Simply love her to max for loving tenjaejae. hahaha

Anyway my lover boy,
Despite many negative comments (oh well they're just simply jealous of you -.-)
show them what you got as TVXQ's YoungWoong JaeJoong.

Yunho had went LA/LV for MJ's This it it's training.
Going through more than 10 hours of intensive training everyday is hard.
oh boy, i hope he can take care of himself well.
he's leader. no worry (:

This's the first time. YunJae are splitting so far apart.

Took it @ Genting.
I love the scenery.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010
2010. ♥ 1:05 AM

A whole new world.
I was thinking whether i shall update a new entry every time i open blogger.com
& then my mind tells me, update later or update tomorrow.
but i guess it really tooks me a very long to decide whether i shall or not.
like right now. my mind tell me i shall stop to update. ROFL.

School stuffs have ended. Though i duno whether i pass or not D:
Am still waiting to collect my certificate.
I always said i want to graduate faster, get out of the dumb school.
I'm seriously happy about it (:
No need to see those faces & also long travelling distance. I hate to change mrt.

Before really ended my classes & exams,
I had already started to send resume to jobs/company to apply job that i fancy of.
Had a few replies (: but i rejected it cos' i think is not suitable for me.
*sigh* so i just keep sending resume. LOL

Chinese New Year.
This time round, didn't visit relatives as usually (:
Went to Genting with Jiawen.
I will blog about this genting trip soon. Cos i'm lazy editing Pics D:
But i enjoyed myself with Jiawen even though there's many many people.
And the most disappointment i got is,
Genting doesn't seems Cold like it used to be.
Due to Climates problem ? Who knows.

but nevertheless, finally get the chance to go genting after like 7 years.
The place definitely changes alot compared to 7 years ago.

This thing happened so fast that i believe alot of my relatives aren't reacting too.
My fourth aunt's husband had passed away.
I don't feel like blogging every detail.
but am glad that everything had been over.
My aunt & cousins had already put everything to a end.
since uncle had already passed away for at least 2 weeks now.

It happened just to quickly that i,myself can't even believe too.
RIP uncle. Bless.

Life. still need to goes on no matter what happen.
So yeah.
Considering that now is march.
Happy that, i've been offered a post that i like.
Going to interview for it. & hopefully, given the fact that i'm only a diploma holder.
The pay that it offer gives me a 'phewwwwwwww' kind of feeling.
One day. I really want to be a degree holder. (:

and 19th. i going to fly again^^
Is time to meet the babies. Tho i'm not into blue ocean
but my 2 babies are still love.

*sigh* im still waiting for my red ocean seriously. I can T.T

That's for it for my updates.
I will comeback with another skin & update entry asap once i got free time.
Hope my friends can find their jobs too
except those bitches who think they're capable. LOL
suit you (:


Thursday, February 18, 2010
ChoiKang Changmin 22th(23th) birthday. ChangminDay. 18Feb. ♥ 9:01 PM

It's ChoiKang Changmin
It's Shim Chang Min


Our magnae, Our Changmin

Finally is your another grow up day.
Wondering who are you going to celebrate with...
with your family?
with your friends?
with your beloved hyungs?

Shim Changmin comes from a very strict family.
Both parents are teachers/professor in schools.
Both sisters also studied in top korea university.
despite the hectic shedules ever since debuted,
our changmin stills make it to top 10 korea university
in order to make his family and his brothers proud of him.

Who is he?

He is
TVXQ's ChoiKang Changmin.

Minnie ah~~

Do you know how much you're loved by your hyungs?
You may seem strong
despite you being magnae,
but deep down in your heart,
you loved your hyungs more than anyone else.

They are not just your hyungs,
they are already with you. A part of you.

You're fragile, min.
Seeing you crying @ 08's MAMA awards,
had broken down so many Cassies's hearts.
The strong minnie was afraid that no fans were waiting for them for their Comeback.
no. Nobody'll does that to you. To TVXQ.

Cos' if they does,

Minnie ah~
where's your laugher?
Where's your dorkiness?
Where's your smile?
where's your talkative-ness?

Do you know how much i want to see you bully your hyungs again?
i want you to fight with them
i want you to play with them
just like how you pair up with Junsu in saipan.
just like how you tickle your umma jae or appa yun.
just like how you always love to off the phone first before everyone.
just like how you always ordering your hyungs around.
where are they?

I know that you're hurting right now.
in dilemma of what to do, who to side, how to protect.
we all know. Your hyungs know too.

Cry out baby. Just cry out.
you're the magnae.
you're allow to whine
you're allow to lose your temper
you're allow to everything
not by keeping quiet.
not by just listening to sme.

But still.
I'm glad you still stay in contact with your beloved hyungs
you love them as much as they love you.

No one knows what lies ahead of them.
No one knows whether all the rumors are fake or truth
No one knows what exact happening to SMe, Homin & JaeChunSu.
No one knows whether TVXQ will disband or not.
But to me.
I only know myself.
I have faith in them. I believe in them.
Because that's what i understand in the sentence "Always Keep The Faith".

18th February .

Changmin, チャンミン


Happy birthday


生日快樂 ...

I need you.
Comeback as yourself.
the always baby magnae,

Max Choikang Changmin

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010
U-know Yunho 24th(25th) birthday. YunhoDay. 6th Feb ♥ 4:57 AM

It's U-Know Yunho
It's Jung Yunho

The only and Best Leader ....
that i ever know

I was very tired and sick on 6th Feb.
Totally miss out the fun of twittering #happybdayyoonho and writing Bday tribute. "

Sincerely saying.
I love TVXQ. But there's always a Fave list of the 5 boys.
Leader is not one of my Fav.
But i still love him as he is. The leader of TVXQ.

I think everyone knows how strong he comes into becoming of TVXQ's leader.
Because that's Jung Yunho.
The one who doesn't want to lose to anyone.
TVXQ needs you.

Ever since lawsuit break out.
Hardly sees you smile anymore. Let alone your dorkiness.
I don't know what exact happen,

I don't care whether is because of your loving father, or SMe.
but i understand why aren't you standing the same side as your beloved team mates.

Leader, I know you're in pain.
So much pain that you really want to shout out.
Protecting your family, protecting your brothers.
You're the best, leader. You're the best.

Only Love.


I miss this couple so much right now. /Right?, my Soyoungie DDD;
Every videos every photos every programs every awards every of TVXQ
I can see YunJae.

But it did not happen now anymore.
( p/s i stopped here for 10mins. because i was really crying. suddenly)

No one knows what lies ahead of them.
No one knows whether all the rumors are fake or truth
No one knows what exact happening to SMe, Homin & JaeChunSu.
No one knows whether TVXQ will disband or not.
But to me.
I only know myself.
I have faith in them. I believe in them.
Because that's what i understand in the sentence "Always Keep The Faith".

I know that you're under alot of stress and rumors.
Maybe alot of fans are blaming on you
Maybe alot of fans are protecting you
but you know.
you should open your heart now.
you should cry out as much as you want now.
we understand
we really understand

Leader, Yunho


Happy birthday


生日快樂 ...

Without you
is not TXVQ at all.

Cassies need you
but most importantly
your brothers need you.

Do you know?


Those who doesn't know whatever am i talking about
You can get out of my blog
I DONT NEED YOU to understand what i am writing.
Just get out.

Say Sincerely,
i wasn't expecting myself to be crying while writing for yunho's bday tribute.
I was just listening to TVXQ - { Holding back the tears}
and then suddenly, my tears are like pouring rain -.-

Guess i really the boys so so so much
that i really treated them as one of my veins in the heart.
Without this veins,
i don't think i can survive either.

Listening to the boys' songs for one whole night.
I guess i am easily sentimental over their voices especially in the situation right now.
I don't know what to believe right now.

Disbandment is the last thought that i think they will go.
But if they are not happy at all when together
there's no point in going on.
You can say me selfish by saying that,
but if they are happily working on their own,
that's the best way for them

They're all only 22-24 years old.
They're all still young.
If can't continue, they shouldn't be tied down.
They need to fly

as high as they go now
cos they are our gods.

I shall end here before i cry more.

P.s wish me luck in getting job within next 2 weeks.

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Friday, January 29, 2010
Jae's airport 2010 01 29 ♥ 6:17 PM

People may have harsh comments about your new color hair.

But it's their own opinion.

Bounds to have fans prefer you in others of their own way.

But i kind of like your new hair color.

Yes, i was stunned -.-

but i prefer you in this :D

Just do what you think you're correct,

erm... even in that Colonize leopard Jacket which costs around 180 Sgd bucks.


I really thank god that you're Okay right now. =)

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Monday, January 25, 2010
YoungWoong JaeJoong 24th(25th) birthday. JaeJoongDay. 26Jan. ♥ 5:04 PM

It's YoungWoong JaeJoong
It's Kim JaeJoong


Agreed that you're really a Camwhore.

But what attracts me among the 5,
is Just you.
Just the great& only one
Kim JaeJoong

I was seriously attracted by your look & your melody voice.
Despite having a very unique hairstyle,
*cough* courtesy of Mr LSM,
but no,
you still stands out with your flawless look.

Hero YoungWoong JaeJoong was borned.

with his other 4 buddies.

Till date, i still miss your smile & dorkiness.

Because i miss the young you.

People who don't know you,
may misunderstood you of having cold expression.
But deep inside, i know you're not.

You care for your fans
You care for your family
you care for your brothers
you care for your friends
you love them as much as everyone loves you.

Not just your pretty look & melody voice that catches me.

Because of you, being the hyung ( oldest in TVXQ)
but yet,
your dorkiness
your cuteness
your pouts
attracts me too.

Tell me,
how can you be so handsome, pretty, charisma, smexy
but at the same time,
you're are so damn cute, dork & idiotic =P
that let me can't stop loving you.

Tell me
How to NOT fall in love with this particular guy

Being a big star is your dream.
Able the whole universe listening to your voice is your dream.
Working hard to make your dreams come true.

Leaving behind your beloved families at the age of 14.
Taking up any piecemeal jobs around.
Just to earn some money to fork up rental&expenses.
Without any help from family,
Just to make your dreams come true.

4 seasons.
Yunho,JaeJoong,Heechul & Kangin.
Heechul said "We're so poor back then, that we used to eat/share cup noodles @ the road side!"
But now, they're all shining stars on their path.

With Yunho,Junsu, Changmin & YooChun.
Quarrel numerous time with brothers.
But none leads to disband.
With the time to debut,
JaeJoong's motherly love to everyone was seen.

Knee Injury.
Unable to promote "Rising Sun" with brothers.
Cried while regretting.
Doctor consulted him to rest for 3 months at home.
But no,
he just can't leave his brothers,
he can't stand how tired his brothers are,
He was there for every performance, every promotion of "Rising Sun".
At the backstage watching them, guarding them, singing with them.

DUI accident.
Remorseful as he is.

The same year,
Biological father showed up, wanted parental rights.

A filial boy as he is,
He knew his existence of his separate biological parents.
Keeping in touch of his biological till now.
and promised to be loyal to all four of his parents.

Tell me.
He may look as cold as his face,
but inside his heart,
he's as warm as how he should be,
and he's still a kid no doubt.

He turned ultimately smexy
that makes us MAJOR NOSEBLEED.

His motherly love for his boys
is always fullest.

His Longest partner on earth.

YunJae/Jaeho couple is the first couple i know XD
& many fans would say,
They should Just get marry!

His smoking, share tattoo partner.
his Only SoulMate


His cutie. His NightMate.

JaeSu Couple.
Sweetest as it is.

His beloving son, His soul fighter.

The only umma & son couple ;D

I loved how he cares for his brothers.
Cooking for them
Wipe away the tears they shed
hugging them when consoling
All his love aren't FAKE.

suppose to be a good year for them either.
After the lawsuit broke out, nobody had ever seeing 5 of them laughing heartedly.
He may seen as the hyung among the 5
He may seen as the strongest among the 5
but boy,
he's the fragile one.

Knowing him cried the hardest at the MAMA backstage,
really tear me up too.
It wasn't suppose to be like that.
It wasn't suppose to be like that.

But i am glad.
In the midst of everything,
His beloved Friends are still with him.
Not Just Junsu or Yoochun only,
Keita, HyunJoong, Top, Tablo etc and many more
I believed there's still many friends & Fans around for him.
*including me(grins)*

No one knows what lies ahead of them.
No one knows whether all the rumors are fake or truth
No one knows what exact happening to SMe, Homin & JaeChunSu.
No one knows whether TVXQ will disband or not.
But to me.
I only know myself.
I have faith in them. I believe in them.
Because that's what i understand in the sentence "Always Keep The Faith".

26th January .

JaeJoong, JeJung


Happy birthday


生日快樂 ...

Please Comeback quickly.
I really miss you.
Your everything.

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